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Discover all our activities to spend quality time with your child

Welcome to Epic Times & Games!

Are you looking for simple and fun ideas to spend quality time with your child?

Through practical tools, games, experiences and workshops, our goal is to provide you with easy-to-use ideas for:

  • Spend quality time with your child
  • Relieve guilt and enjoy fun activities that interest you too
  • Support your child towards greater autonomy and collaboration within the home
  • Strengthen their natural desire to discover, their openness, their curiosity
  • Guide them towards a health / well-being balance and participate in their own personal development.
  • Help him learn differently, by himself, to discover his passions
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Our activities to spend quality time with your child

Print & Play - Battleship!
Today, we invite you to download a free printable battleship game! This is a perfect game for [...]
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Thanksgiving printable free cards
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it's time to give thanks! To do exactly that, we have [...]
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Grandparents day : create your own DIY bookmark gift
Grandparents day is around the corner, so we have prepared for you an easy DIY bookmark to print ! [...]
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Bedtime ritual: 4 simple steps to help your child fall asleep peacefully
For children, and parents, the bedtime ritual is one of the key times of the day. During the week, [...]
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How to use scissors (Montessori-inspired method)
Teaching your child how to use scissors: a simple activity and yet … Giving your toddler [...]
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4th Of July Fireworks Craft (Independence Day)
What Is 4th Of July ? Let Cyrano, our robot expert in history and geography, explain your child a [...]
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Free printable Happy Families game
Do we really need to present "Happy Families"? For those who would never have played it, neither [...]
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War card game
Discover our free printable war card game for 2 players. Via a fun activity, it will allow your [...]
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Coloring pages
Here is a selection of free printable coloring pages to keep your child busy. Coloring is an [...]
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