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Helena & Vincent

Hello dear reader,

We are Helena and Vincent,

Beautiful mom and dad of a 6 year old little girl. An extended family, therefore (some would say modern!). The idea for this blog came from a simple observation. In our adult life, while we are torn between busy work, managing the home and life plans, there is a little being growing up, fast. And when we realize every year that a new candle blows out, we often say to ourselves several things:

  • Have I spent enough time with him?
  • And all those times when I put it in front of the tablet / TV when I could have taken ¼ hour, but I didn't know what else to suggest
  • And all those times when I got angry for no reason (if there is one) and without asking for an explanation
  • And all those times when we could have gone on an outing, an activity, and where I preferred to send him to play alone in his room
  • And all those times when I didn't take the time to ask him, sincerely, (and I insist on sincerely) how his day was.

Finally, out of guilt, you can quickly feel overwhelmed, not up to the task. So we decided to focus on what in our opinion is essential!

Quality time

We hear about it a lot, in human relationships, between friends or as a couple, but it is also true in a parent / child relationship, the important thing is not the time spent, but the quality of the time spent.

A simple premise, certainly, but which leads us to no longer endure time, and on the contrary, to take control of it.

Better, perhaps spend 30 minutes a day of the week with your child being open, attentive and caring, rather than 1 hour without having taken the time, for yourself first, to relax and recharge the batteries. batteries. Not listening to yourself may lead to the feeling that the child is an additional constraint, and to waiting for 8:30 p.m. on the clock (bedtime); if indeed, in all this ambient stress felt upstream, the child is in the mood to leave us alone and fall asleep.

Quality time, therefore, this precious time of sharing, desired by everyone, and which will make children and adults grow up. As a parent, and if we naturally represent authority, we have the natural desire to be more than a simple vector of education, and the desire to build a strong, honest relationship, based on exchange and communication.

The child's development

In our childhood, we were rarely asked for our opinion. The adult imposed on us a way of thinking, activities, education, codes, which would (supposedly) allow us later to be successful in life. And this is not necessarily wrong if the notion of instilled success (studies, career) really suits us.

But ultimately, what tools have we been given to understand our environment? Have we been taught to find out where our happiness was, what were the keys to socializing us, what methods to adopt for a balance between health and well-being?

Epic Times & Games

This epic journey of the child to adolescence, then adulthood can be playful, for himself, but also for his parents. Through practical tools, games, experiments and workshops, our goal is to provide you with easy-to-use ideas for:

  • Spend quality time with your child
  • Relieve guilt and enjoy fun activities that also interest you
  • Support your child towards greater autonomy and collaboration within the home
  • Strengthen their natural desire to discover, their openness, their curiosity
  • Guide them towards a health / well-being balance, their own personal development.
  • Help him learn differently, by himself, to discover his passions

LiLy & the Chrono Squad

epic times and games

Each with their preferences, their areas of predilection, Lily and her robots are the characters that we have created to introduce your child to his activities, to support him, advise him, and develop his imagination. We believe that within a consistent universe, your child will enjoy learning and discovering new things, alone or with you. The ChronoSquad, this team that will allow you (we hope) to transform this precious resource of time into beautiful memories!

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