Updated on Nov 30. 2020
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Print & Play - Battleship!

Today, we invite you to download a free printable battleship game! This is a perfect game for training your child's deduction, two-dimensional vision and reading of coordinates. All you have to do is print the sheet in two copies then fold it in half, grab your favorite pencil and come face to face with your child for some frenzied games!

The rules

Playing Battleship is very easy. Each player has a 9x9 grid (purple in our printable version) on which he will place 5 ships or vessels of different lengths:

  • a 5-cell ship
  • a 4-cell ship
  • two 3-cell ships
  • a 2-cell ship

When it is his turn, the player announces a square by designating its coordinates, for example A4 or F8. If the opponent has a ship present on the designated square, he announces "hit" and colours the square in gray on his grid. When all the spaces on a ship have been grayed out, he announces "sunk" to indicate to the opponent that all the spaces on his ship have been hit.

Each time a shot "hits" or "sinks", the player can replay and try its luck again. If it is missing, it is the next player's turn. To keep the history of his shots and his successes or failures, each player has a second grid (the blue one in our print version) to note his announcements and their result.

The winner is the first player to have successfully sunk its opponent's 5 ships.

Download your free print & play battleship game !

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