The Chrono Squad

Our team of intrepid chrono explorers!

Who are the members of the Chrono Squad?


Chrono explorer

LiLy's activities

Who is LiLy Loop and where does it come from?

We don't really know! However, his knowledge of planet Earth and its people is impressive! She loves to have fun and always has new ideas for games. So don't hesitate to call on her if you need simple and fun activities to do with your child! However, she will need your child's help with certain tasks!


Scientist Robot

EmceeTwo activities

Who is EmceeTwo of the Chrono Squad?

AimséDeux is one of Lily's 3 faithful companions! He's the team's nerd / geek. He likes to punctuate his experiments with scientific information and will be your child's best companion to awaken him to mathematics, geometry and logic.


Linguist Robot

Motus activities

Who is Motus of the Chrono Squad?

Motus is the shy of the band although he knows how to express himself very well! He is a fan of books of all kinds and will help your child with grammar, spelling but also languages


Historian Robot

Cyrano activities

Who is Cyrano from the Chrono Squad?

Cyrano is a big talker! Passionate about history / geography, he will always have an anecdote to help your child discover the world around him.


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