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War card game

Discover our free printable war card game for 2 players. Via a fun activity, it will allow your child to approach an essential notion of mathematics: "bigger than" … "smaller than", and to discover some crazy animals!


The principle is simple. Each player is dealt an equal number of cards. The packages are returned so that no one can see the next card to come.

You and your child take turns turning the top card of your deck face up. Whoever has the animal of the largest size (accompanied by the largest red number) wins. The winner picks up the two cards played and places them face down under his deck. The first to win all the cards is the winner!

But beware … If each player turns over a card with an animal of the same size, there is BATTLE! In this case, each person places a card face down on top of their first card, then a new card face up. The player who this time has the highest card wins the 6 cards played. Be careful, there may be one battle, followed by another battle. We will respect the same principle every time!

Print your own war card game

Our printing tips:

Prints plates 1 & 2 in 4 copies each. This will give you a deck of 48 cards. You can choose:

  • print them on thick paper, in which case print the backboard directly on the reverse side
  • print them on standard paper (minimum 80g / m²) in which case we advise you to print the back on a separate sheet in order to double the thickness. Glue each sheet back to back, making sure to respect the alignment of the edges and that the glue is distributed evenly.

Cut out the cards (to be reserved for parents), following the lines provided for this purpose. If you don't have a guillotine cutter, your best bet is to use a box cutter and a ruler on a cutting board to make sure you create an even deck of cards.

In order to protect your cards, and that they are sufficiently slippery, we use plastic sleeves specially designed for this purpose. Here is the format perfectly suited to our cards:

(affiliate link)

Once all this work is done, you will finally have a wonderful game of Battles.

And voilà!

printable war card game

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